AI, IoT and AR/VR Will Overlap

We are super excited, that we are attending one of the Europe’s most exciting startup event- 4 YFN. It will be organized in connection with Mobile World Congress 2018.

Quite many visitors of the past years of Mobile World Congress can still remember, how great it felt, when Nokia launched it’s new smart phone model in the event(s).

Last year Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, IoT, Healthcare and well-being, smart messaging and chat bots were well presented.

IoT based solutions were many, as the 5 G technology enables real-time connections and communications without latency between the networks, systems, platforms and devices. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence/ machine learning allows construction of self-driving vehicles and improves possibilities for traffic planning.

“Artificial Intelligence is just an enormous calculator, and its operations are based on massive data analyses and probability calculation, which do not tell you what will happen. It will predict how likely things will happen. Artificial Intelligence is an excellent tool in the fields if there are facts and known patterns between the discovery and causality”.

Machine learning and robotics combined in self-driving cars needs to be amended by human feelings and driver reactions in order to make the driving safe enough. Techchill organized an event in the beginning  of February 2018, where Carol Reiley (Co-founder & Board member at explained the matters that needs to be considered and solved in addition to technical and machine learning related items for self-driving cars. Empathy and understanding of humans is one of the key factors for successful design. Read more about design thinking from blog.

Transformation shall be Driven by Immersive User Interface and Real Time Tracking and Emergence of 5 G, AI and AR/VR 

This year will be interesting one. Hatch Entertainment Ltd., which is a span-out from Rovio is representing 5 G network based movie like real-time game platform.

Our startup and technology team shall be writing more about these events so stay turned and visit our website for more news.

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