Catches from the MWC 2017 Barcelona

We were full of energy and felt positively excited,  we were participating to Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The event is one of the most important and interesting events for innovations and cutting-edge technology. It is an excellent insight to mega trends in the technology, future business development and what is important in the coming years in our society.

Certain technological changes have changed the way we behave. Internet, smart phones and social media, – the next big thing is the Virtual Reality.

More than 108,000 attendees, 2,300 exhibitors and 208 countries were represented and participating to Mobile World Congress 2017.

Here are some of the discoveries from the event and hope that they can give some ideas and source of inspiration to those who are interested of these items.

There were several hot topics at the event:

  • Augmented Reality,
  • Virtual Reality,
  • 5 G networks,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Healthcare and well-being,
  • Smart messaging,
  • Chat boots, and
  • Artificial Intelligence.

In the Ads reality you could be behind a billboard and Mimimos animation character would be dancing with you in the ads. You can find similar ads in the streets of the main cities and tram stations in Helsinki.  Here you can see how the ad it was actually made.

Virtual Reality related items were basically integrated in all of the different themes of the event. I participated to a Seat virtual reality experience and I was driving across the streets of Barcelona making quick turnings and even jumps with the car. Sony Galaxy had several experiences for the visitors and you could joint a trip to space or have a ride in amusement park.

If you fancy Virtual Reality and cars you should also try out Audi Sand Castle. You can design your own track and deep sensing cameras turn the track into real virtual reality experience. See the Audi Sand Castle YouTube Video.

5 G networks enable self-driving robot cars. The autonomous cars can be controlled through smart phones and they can also be connected to artificial intelligence platforms.

The most interesting in the Mobile World Congress 2017 was however humanoid robot called Pepper. Pepper was available even in Finnish language. It had sensors in its head and hands and laser in its legs so that it could move and interact with people. It speaks like a three-year-old and has very nice and positive personality.

If you ask Pepper: “How are you today?” It will reply for example: ” I am super good. You look great today.”

It is however not planned to be an expensive toy. The cost for acquiring Pepper was around 20.000 euros at the time of the Barcelona Mobile Congress in February 2017.

Pepper can be quite handy at house, helping children to make their school work and home work and with for example elderly people y helping them to take medicine or remand that they should take their medicine.  You can teach Pepper by programming it through easy to use interface and they learn through Artificial Intelligence tools.

One can only imagine all the business opportunities where Pepper can be used with its competence as native speaker of several languages and huge memory of items and details in the areas it will be used for.

Several department stores and shops are already using Pepper as knowledge base for the items they are selling and for providing first line customer support and refreshment of the day. Competition in the hypermarket sector in Finland is so demanding that K-Market chain took the first Pepper into their competition tool box. See the entire article here.

Technology Experts participating to MWC2017

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